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It's funny how the UFO's can get under your skin isn't it? I'm not so concerned with the socks as I am the shawls and big projects. The socks are small and portable and I can work on them easily in the summertime but I don't want to be working on a heavy shawl then. The socks are totally pretty and I'm sure you'll have them finished in no time at all!!


Wonderful Jeri and Joe!!!!! I was getting to wondering where in the sam hill you were dancing on the damn thing, go figure!!!


That is great! I'm happy for you and Joe. Love all the socks. Isn't it nice when you have a huge stress lifted and you feel such relief you just want to make something? :D


I was just about to send a search party for you! Great news about Joe's job! I have had back problems in the past and I know how pervasive they are. I wish him (and you!) the best on this.

You knit your first sock only one year ago? Really?? Wow. Maybe there is hope for me yet...

Debra Spincic

Maybe it is true that good things come to those who wait!

Claudia W

That is fantastic news. I am happy for Joe, that he is feeling production again. I'm happy for both of you that things can be a little easier. I like the fact that when he was off, you two became closer, that's like frosting on the cake.
The socks are cool. I like the Koolaid dyed color.
Happy you are back to blogging!


Great news Jeri- It took me over a year to get my disability- This job for Joe is better-he will be useful and good at it!
I'm glad you are blogging again I missed you.
I got to guest blog yesterday on simply robin's blog. It was fun.


sooo happy for your good news, Jeri! what a relief. Happy dances all around...


Jeri, I am so happy for you!!! It stinks just who the government will give SSI to. Put it this way, previously hard working people generally have a harder time getting it.
But this is so much better. If he would have been given SSI, all it would have done is defeated him and cut off any remaining ambition. I'm happy for him.
I love the socks. I'm working on another shawl. How are your son and daughter doing with the fallout of the volcano? My daughter reported getting a little ash the other day, but not too much.


Congratulations on that good, good news!
Love your gorgeous leafy knitting , clever girl!

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