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Claudia W

I hope everything is okay with you. I have missed your posts!



Thanks for the comment on my blog :) I look forward to seeing your future dyeing adventures too!

The Kew Sock is a really pretty pattern - I have yet to try sock knitting, but want to try it eventually. One of my swap partners suggested I try the Fuzzy Feet pattern, which uses worsted weight, before I try them with thinner yarns.

And yes, Mac and Cheese is a good ol' food safety net in our house too!


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Love the green socks. They remind my of spring. And the pattern is lovely.


Love the pink Eleanor socks! The kew socks are pretty in the Forest Edge are going to be gorgeous finished. I've had both patterns qued in Ravelry to do. So many patterns, so little time. :)


I love the pink socks...but I love pink. I also really like the green colorway.


Thanks for the link for yarn - more places to spend my money that I don't have! LOL.
I like my pork chops boneless with apples, raisins, onions and mushrooms-baked in oven in liquid that is onion soup mix and OJ-
Also have a great recipe for flavorful India style chicken if you want it.


Hi Jeri,
I really like those green socks. I am working on the endless white Estonian lace shawl. I don't know if I will get it done by July or not.
I got a roaster chicken for .99 a pound today. I only got one for dinner. I should have bought a couple. I hear ya on Kraft Mac and Cheese. Terribly bad for you, but good comfort food. Most of my friends turn their noses up when I mention it. The thing I miss is Chef Boyardee Spaghetti Mix. Do you remember it? It came in a box with pasta, sauce and parmesan. They haven't made it in years, but I used to love that stuff.

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