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Claudia W

I hope you didn't get a gas leak in your neighborhood, like the one up the street from you the other day! That construction stuff can be such a pain in the...head. It's so not faier that you have a holiday and have to listen to that!
Love love love those socks! They are so cheery colorful. I know what you mean about getting them finished. I am always thinking about half way through a project...enough is enough!
Thanks for your thing is I totally freak out about the silliest little things, and then when the big really bad things happen I am as calm as all get out. I suppose that's a good thing, cause no one should panic in catastrophes! (I still have to call my dad)

Debra Spincic

After 5 years of living with a very nice wooded lot behind our house, Saturday the tree service was out to begin cutting down trees so a house could be built. I was really upset! and we are having Brent and Laura's wedding in our backyard next month and that lot will be under construction. Rats.

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