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Claudia W

A big resounding, you do what you feel is right with Fruitcake. I have always said that when my big ol' German Shepherd (who I love more than anything in this world) gets too expensive to take care of medically and is in danger of being in too much pain I will take him in and have him put to sleep. That is the best love we can give our furry loves! I think it is cruel to spend money on the vet bills, when the animals don't like going and all the shots and tests are painful too, not to mention how frightened they can get with the back and forth stuff. You know that cat better than anyone. I really think some people go too far in the name of the pet's best interest. I love my animals so much, but I think suffering with the extra money outlay and taking them to the vet too much is just as cruel. Just saying, I will step down off my soap box now...oh not feel guilty or like a jerk or any of that negative stuff. You are just doing what is right. (stepping down again)
I really need to get some groceries here too. I am just so dang involved in so many other things I forget the food. Then by the time I think of it, it's too late or I'm too tired to go to the store! Not good, cause then I eat junk food.


So glad I could help! Glad you've figured out your bloggy dilemmas.

I'm sorry to hear about Fruitcake. I had to put my 14 year old collie to sleep for just about the same reasons. I did go ahead and have blood work done, but it came back normal. You can be assured that you gave your cat a great life, and let her die without pain.


Google. Sheesh, why didn't I think of that? Google is a staple around here, my mom looks at us funny when we say things like "go goog it" and "what does goog say?" "tired googing it" Sometimes we even say the whole word...Google.

Cat. We have had illness's in our 2 cats recently too. I would have to put them down if it were something really serious [ie; expensive] Such a sucky state of affairs.

I laughed when I read the name of your cat...and then again when I read where the name came from....That is so you Jeri!!!!!!!!


I went through this with my dog recently. As it turned out he got better on his own, but I know what you are dealing with is hugely difficult. Sending you good thoughts and vibes. PS, whatever you decide, don't let guilt mess with your mind.


Sorry about Fruitcake - it is hard to see a pet suffer.

Debra Spincic

As the pet's owner, you can make the decision. I had a cat about the same age and looked about the same. She had problems one week where she couldn't pee. When I took her to the vet they said her bladder was hardening so I had her put to sleep instead of "cured". I was about to move at the time and I just felt the timing was the best for all involved. You don't want your pet to suffer.

On another note, I love your new picture!

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