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Sounds like a great guy! And unpredictable at that! Keep up the good work, Mr Scooba. And Happy Valentines day to all!


too funny! awww, c'mon, Jeri, you know he's a keeper now...However, I would keep a lookout down the driveway tonight for 4 horsemen. Just sayin'.....


Congrats -It only took him 31 years to be trained. Do you think he can duplicate this trick? 31 years is impressive - I only made it to 27 yrs.

Panhandle Jane

I've been married that long also. Isn't it strange how they can still surprise us? And how little it actually takes to surprise us?


Oh, wow! --Your prescription, too! We've been married a long, long time--which means we've been around a long, long time, too--and I've noticed that the grocery store lately is holding an unusual fascination for my DH. This is a brand new thing. --but prescription refills???? Not there yet.

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