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I really like the bloglines too to keep up with my favorite blogs. Real convenient. Love the socks and a gorgeous color!! Don't you love the expression on peoples faces when they find out you make your own socks!? priceless!! :)


I agree...lets see the socks! But Jeri, I love the pair you are wearing!


Love monkeys. They just scream spring!!!!

Debra Spincic

My mother has a huge wardrobe of handknit socks & she doesn't pick subtle colors either. She intentionally wears them with clogs or some open shoe so people will notice them. She belongs to a few sock groups.

Claudia W

Hurray for geeky!
Love these socks. I agree, we need a picture of your sock drawer!

Panhandle Jane

There are few things in life that are as pleasurable as handknit socks.


I think we need a look inside your sock drawer...

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