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Claudia W

My junk drawer? Hmmm...let's see, I think I haven't even opened it in about two years. Don't tell my daughter, she'll just dump it out and think I won't miss a thing in there. I may need something that is there, even though I cannot honestly say I know what it holds!
Is your son taking his GI Joe guns with him? I think that is so funny!!
I always thought the deaths came in threes. It always seems like that when I hear news about celebrities or well known people. I wonder if the government has ever done a study on that. Shhh, don't tell them, they will, we don't need to know that much!


I wish I could get the kids to go thru the drawers when they come home - no luck - we are all pack rats - I'll need a shovel truck to empty out this house!


I laughed at the G.I. Joe plastic guns....I used to be so careful I didn't suck those things up with the vac. Or was it the Star Wars 'guys' things???? LOL

Ben called all those toys his 'guys'.

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