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Jeri, I know exactly what you mean. Some days I feel that as far as I've come with blogging, etc. there is so much I don't know and don't understand (and honestly don't know if I want to). I envy people who enjoy techie things - I'm not one of them - like you, it just frustrates me!


I have learned alot of stuff by simply googling the question. I know that sounds funny and all to easy, but it does work for me. Then again, you seem alot more knowledgable than I do..


Gee Jeri wish I could help with more than sympathy....I seem to be on 'geek-hold' at the moment too. As soon as the muzak stops, I will get back to you...

Susan Fields

Now you know why I have such a plain vanilla blog. I just cannot figure it out.

Claudia W

I clicked on my name below my comment and it took me to my blog.

Claudia W

This is why people keep saying as we get older we forget things. We have to forget some stuff to give us room for the new things we learn!
I think that URL window with the address will take you to my blog. But don't count on it, I have to forget some stuff, no room for new things I need to learn, See? You are not alone!!!

Debra Hardman

I keep saying, I think my files are full, & there's no more room for new stuff in my brain! I have to delete something if I want to make room for anything else.

Sorry to hear about Tara's mom. She was young! So sad.

Thanks for your nice comment.

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