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wow!! just amazing! one of these days I really need to learn to sew!


Good for you telling on the sitter!!!

And I think you need to "report" the Green-Use of B's use of the fabric, all the fabric!!!! That is wayyyyyyy cool! I love the tumbler quilt, I always have liked that pattern! {I would do triangles, no Y seams, because I like things easy} I am wayyyyyy impressed!


Glad you are blogging again. I missed you. Love the quilt content.

Claudia W

Oh My! All these fun and beautiful pictures!
The quilts just have my heart beating so fast. I am in awe of all the beautiful hand work.
That baby quilt withthe hand embroidered bunnies...oh gees! It is just beautiful!
Well, truthfully all that you pictured are just beautiful.
Hopefully your sister will get a new hoies sitter the next time she needs to go out of town. The dog's and house need better care than what she's giving! I hope Rascals stays doing fine!
Missed you, by the way.

Debra Spincic

I think your UFO Day with the gals sounds like so much fun! If I come to the Panhandle, can I play too?

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