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Debra Spincic

From someone who put a dog down 2 weeks ago, I understand the strain of the decision and the ultimate relief of knowing that the pet had a good life and now it was time to die. Bless you!

Claudia W

Sorry about Fruitcake, but now he's not going to suffer. (And then you in the long would hurt to watch him go down hill)
I love it when work is busier! My work load sepends directly on whose fixing stuff around their house and who knows how to do their repairs. Luckily I have a lot of practical experience fixing a myriad of things around here, and school has not let out yet. (There is always something to fix)
Today was crazy busy in between rain showers!
I am sure that Tara appreciated the nice long conversation with you too.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Ah poor Fruitcake. Hugs for you 2. i like your 'heart' symbol...<3 to you too.


I'm sorry about the kitty. It's hard to say goodby, but it's also hard to see them suffer.
I hope your weekend is less stressful...maybe some yarn therapy.

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