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Jeri, your work area is EXACTLY like my area. What is up with us??! We have all this space, right? Then we fill it up with fabric piles, tools, and other-things.

I'm starting to think this is madness.....

Love the dog stories and photos! Goofy is a great name. We have 2 Goldens, one is 86 lbs and the other is 102 lbs. They're both big babies.


I love that Zen quilt!! It is absolutely gorgeous!


Thank you for stopping by my Blog Jerri. I'm really glad you did because now I've found your blog and can add it to my reader list. Love your blog. Tracy


I love your blog! I'm so glad you introduced yourself and I look forward to getting to know you. :-)Love the Zen Quilt!

Claudia W

You just made me so hungry!
You are right, the green in the Zen quilt does make it look better. I am fascinated by this quilt! I can't wait to watch it grow and grow.
You are so talented
I love your dogs! The dog of mine that yours reminded me of, is quite a bit smaller, she is only 11 pounds...I call her Momma's sidekick, but her given name is Tootsie, and she is every bit of a Tootsie!

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