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I shop super Walmart once a month and check out their craft section then. I also do not like to shop in big problem with the little ones. I shop at the neighborhood grocery store where I've shopped for twenty years the rest of the month.


Sounds like my Tuesday every week. I love World Market too.

Susan Fields

Seems like a good day had by all.

Don't blame you about the brush. Around here it would be upstairs if I was downstairs and downstairs if I was upstairs. Gone are the days when I would have bought one for each floor. Living leaner now and liking it.

Claudia W

I love Walmart, but I hardly ever get to one. I wish they would put one in closer to us.
Taking a day and getting all the errands run is so satisfying. I rarely shop anymore, thanks to the economy. Then when I do get to go, it's with a long list in hand and I feel guilty about the total at the end of my "shopping spree". It's not like I buy junk, but I just hate ot spend a lot of money anymore!

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