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Great quote! I love it!


Don't worry...nothing but nice things from this blogger! ;)


I have always been amazed at the amount of negative crap that makes it's way around the globe. With all that energy being expended, you could probably light up L.A.

Debra Spincic

I don't get it either. I will often read the stories on Yahoo homepage and the comments that people write are so insensitive that I have to wonder if they were ever taught any manners. It's a sad note on our lack of respect for others.

Susan Fields

Oh, great quote........ I agree that if you can't play nice, go somewhere eles.


I like Bobby Flay and his cooking. I didn't know his wife was a celeb. I am embarassed to say that I don't even know Stephanie March. But I looked her up and now I recognize who she is.
I enjoyed looking through you site.

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