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Wow is this gorgeous!! Beautiful fabrics!

This is one of those quilts that draws you in so that you can look at the fabrics more closely.

Claudia W

Your Zen quilt catches my breath every time I look at it. I have got to make one for myself...sometime in the coming century! I still love the color of your newest socks. Very pretty!


The Zen is very peaceful looking.

The high tomorrow is 19F here. Come on spring!

I added you to my blogroll. Hope you don't mind. I really admire your craft work.


The quilt will be gorgeous whatever size you do. Very peaceful colors.


I happened to pick up a magazine at the newsagents today and there was the pattern for the Zen quilt. It looke dfamiliar and I just realized that I had seen your blocks the other day. It's coming along nicely and looks really great!


Ohmmmmmmmm.........what??? ....oh sorry, I was in my Zen Zone. Say, Jeri, didn't you mention just recently, that you didn't know how to knit when you started buying yarn??? It sure don't show!!!!

Susan Fields

Thanks for the picture of the Blue Sky. At least that means I got see it. We have snow instead.

Great Sock. I will be printing that pattern to use myself.

Debra Spincic

Great looking quilt and in my colors too!


I love your Zen quilt - so peaceful-the colors are so serene and the pattern matches that feeling. If I were there I'd drool on it.
If you only make it to queen size I know a bed that would give it a home

Panhandle Jane

I love the colors in Zen.

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