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Kathie Mackey

Love your zen quilt. Why am I so stingy in using my batiks? My Dear Jane quilt is in batiks but that uses miniscule pieces...maybe part of that hoarding instinct that quilters deal with. What if I can't get anymore after I use it up? Sigh, one of these days, I'll have to actually make a quilt with my batiks.


Claudia W

I thought I had a lot of stash! I have a drop in a bucket compared to yours. I'm a tad jealous.
But what fun!Those socks are so cool. I love the colors! Hopefully, you can get them done soon so they are out of your hair.


My dear, what gorgeous yellows you have. I gotta say I'm envious of your burger night.


I agree with the yellows! But...I really do love the Zen colors too.


Love the socks! After THINKING about knitting socks for over a year, I bought a booklet with instructions on crocheting socks this week. Even those seem daunting, & I learned to crochet forty-mumble mumble years ago!


I am very jealous of your yellow fabric stash!


Woweee look at that stash!! Lucky you. I have my own stash habit with yarn, but somehow it doesn't look as pretty as your quilting stash.

Love the socks,too.
It's frigid here in Maryland. Wish it was 65 here.

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