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I would suggest sniffing the food. In the UK at least cat food smells like potential food. Even the dry stuff. Dog food doesn't. I am guessing cat food really does taste better. As others have pointed out, dogs just aren't as fussy.


You don't see cat's eating their own poop either, now do you? As near as I can figure, dogs are kinda like teenaged boys. And cats are princesses.

Claudia W

There are times I think my critters could take the place of TV, they are that entertaining. Your furbabies are so cute! My little one looks somewhat like your Goofy, except that she is in tomes of brown. How big is Goofy?


Well maybe it's the same thing about cat poop, dogs will eat that but not the doggy variety. I have to laugh, Goofy looks like our Abby around the eyebrows and chest hair...ah...fur.


In the case of MY dog, it's because she's a stomach with legs who will eat anything and everything, regardless of whether it's intended for cat, dog or human.

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