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Embrace your grumpy pants days - be glad that they are only ocassional things- we all need them to vent the crap - I HATE CAT HAIR - everything in my house is bathed in it!!


You have our sympathy...especially about the dog hair. I love your sister's quote. That's a keeper.

Panhandle Jane

I'm just sending sympathy. I had one of those weeks last week.

Claudia W

We all deserve to be grumpy pants once in a while. It releases something that we need to release. (Don't ask me what!)
Tomorrow IS another day. Relax, breath deep, be kind to yourself.


Well, these cold, dark days can sure bring out the grumps, I know! The saving grace is knowing that it won't last forever. Too bad "not having enough time in a day" is not exclusive to winter! :-p Be good to yourself...Light a scented candle, lower the lights, pour yourself a nice hot cup of your choice, pull up a quilt or afgan, put your feet up and ease back for a few minutes.

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