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That salad looks great! I am going to give it a try this weekend. Yum!


I'll be right over!


We have to make sure we never run out of those jerky treats we get at Costco. If that happened, there'd be hell to pay. I shudder to even think about it.

Panhandle Jane

That salad sounds really good. I know what you mean about ethnic foods in the grocery stores in the Panhandle. I can get overwhelmed occasionally. The same thing is true of dishes brought to work--I can't tolerate much hot stuff, and walking into the workroom to find chips and a 6 quart bowl of chopped jalapenos just about does me in.

Claudia W

That Tex-Mex Salad looks really delicious! It's pretty too! I wonder how that would pan out on my WeightWatchers eating? Probably not bad at all.
Love those bargains you got at the meat counter. Even on sale I pay around eleven bucks for about four or five half breasts. (boneless, skinless) I like 'em that way too. There are just so many ways you can cook those up for variety.

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