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Panhandle Jane

That's a beautiful quilt pattern. I love those colors. Your variety of projects is an inspiration.


Nice quilt. Love the colors. I meandered over from Ravelry, and somehow found your blog. Hope you don't mind me visiting :)


I love the pattern you have going! And who says you have to follow the colors in the magazine? It's ok to stick with more blue than others, that's still Zen...right??? I know a teenager who would like would make her left brain happy.

Sales are good, and if you already know what you are getting...priceless!


Claudia W

Way cool quilt pattern. I think I may steal the idea. Or just go buy the magazine. Not that I need any more incentive to make more stuff, I need the TIME to make it, I have all the incentive I need. But I like the quilt, I really like your colors. And it's so Zen! This may mean I'll have to go and buy some more fat quarters. (My weakness)

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