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I'm a little late reading this post, but I just want to say: ATTA GIRL! Glad you are a survivor! Love all the socks and quilts on your blog!


Congratulations Jeri :)


Good for you. May 2009 be filled with many wonderful blessings. I know you'll be able to appreciate them!


Hurrah! That is a great Christmas present-
enjoy the new year with new hope


Yay Jeri
I miss your blogs and I'm thrilled by the happy news - great Christmas present for all


Big Congratulations to YOU!!!


Congratulations, Survivor!

Claudia W

This is the most wonderful news! Hurray for you!

Debra Hardman

That's great news Jeri. My husband had cancer years ago, & each time he gets tested we have that edge of anxiety waiting for the results.

I drew your name for my give-away, please email me your address!


yes yes yes....I am sooooooo happy for you Jeri!!!!!!! and the socks are awesome, i just joined ravelry, I love looking at the yarns....maybe cuz i have been looking at my fabrics for so long...

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