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The sock looks great! I can't wait to see them as a pair. You are going to love MSKS.. it gives you so many new options!


Yay! You made a sock, and it looks great! congratulations!
(wandered over here from Ravelry blogging group)

Claudia W.

I like the colors in these socks! Very nice. I am in awe of your sock knitting prowess. I have just taught myself to knit. I did a couple of samples, then decided I wanted to do a simple pattern, so bought a washcloth pattern pamphlett. I have a lot of practicing to do! Istarted a washcloth about three months ago and it has visited the frog pond more times than I could count!
I started out crocheting...that doesn't bother me, but knitting...oh my goodness! Thanks for the inspiration to keep going!


The sock turned out great! That's a pretty snazzy looking foot!
I've just put those books on my to buy list. Time to expand my knitting library.
So glad the surgeon gave you good news!


Nice colorway. The socks look very good.

I've also made simple socks from Ann Budd's book on basic designs, but I like Charlene Schurch's heel better because of the garter stitch along the gusset.


Your sock looks great. That definitely is a pretty color.

I hope you get good results from your next doctor's visit. :)

Debra Hardman

The socks are pretty, & I bet the feel good too. I love yarns, but don't knit. I tryed it a long time ago, & my tension was too tight, it jsut wasn't fun, I could crochet a whole house though. With one hook I'm greast!

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