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I really like this colourway. I count my rows to avoid differing sizes. i use a row counter but you'd be amazed, or maybe not, that i still count by hand as I often forget to turn the row counter!
Anyway, really like theses socks. If I had seen the yarn on Ebay I'd have fought you for it. ;-)
Oh and re the bed-mmm....not sure about a water bed but have just bought a memory foam one and though weird, it certainly lets me wake with less pain in the morning.


Love your socks. Mine rarely come out exactly the same size since I don't count my rows.


ooh, socks! They look great and about the same size to me! I love the colors!


Yeah!!! They look fabulous!!! Joe will be doing the happy dance in style. I didn't notice one is larger. We shouldn't be looking for that kind of thing! I thought that was the way all knitted socks are supposed to finish up! LOL Good Job :-)

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