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oh too funny Jeri!!


Man, what a pain! Waterbeds are nice, but sometimes they're a little extra work! Hope ya'll stay dry!

La Nina

I have wanted a waterbed ever since I was a little girl. My mom always said that they weren't "practical," which of course made me want one more than ever! I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through yours, for now.


I didn't know anybody still slept on waterbeds! I used to love them but my DH gets seasick, so that was the end of that era for me! It was either him or the bed...

Claudia W.

Maybe draining the bed, patching it and filling it back up made you so tired, you slept 12 hours! It is a lot of work after all.
I have finally gotten my small dog to sleep on the same side of the bed as the big dog. Now they only take up half of it instead of 3/4. I had the small strip left by them right in the center. (Can you say pinned down??? LOL)


I totally know about animals sleeping in the bed, lol! I have three cats and they all want the prime spot of being right next to me.

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