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Good for you! Now you will be sucked into the abyss of sock knitting. See you there!!


I know EXACTLY how you feel! A year and a half ago, I only had a clue how to knit. I picked up a book for kids and taught myself only because I HAD to knit socks!!! I learned by making dishclothes. Lots of them!!

Then I discovered Socks 101 at
and learned from her demo and still use that formula when knitting my socks. And I'm selfish and only knit them for me. ;-)
I'm glad I found your blog. Your 1st sock looks fabulous!


Wow, that's pretty cool. I saw someone knitting with multiple needles once and that did it for me. I can't knit with two big ones, let alone all those little pointy things. Scary is right.


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