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Hi Jeri,
I often wonder what my dog Sam is trying to say to me.. I often say to him "Stop staring at me!!" I'm kind of glad he can't talk, I'm sure he would be a pain in the butt. By the way, I LOVE your new blog header.

The Carolina Quilter

My Yorkie dreams, 'runs' and whimpers during her sleep. As for the yarn swatches, my friend, Pauma makes over 1,000 cheesecloth ghosts for Micheal's every Halloween so who knows?.


Such a nice blog! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I often wonder, too, what my Emma is thinking. And, yes, I have wondered who knits those sample squares?


Dogs do have plenty of personality. My German Shepard use to diligently wait on the back porch for my dad to come home from work. Just the sound of dad's truck would send the dog into an excited frenzy. When dad died, Trigger still sat on that porch for months. It was sad but somehow I found comfort in it.
Just wanted to share that.

Deb Geyer

I love the new banner!

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