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Hey, you're back and doing as well as you possibly could! Fantastic Jeri!Have a wonderful nap and snuggle with the dogs.

Got some info from work copied to mail to you that I give my pts who go thru radiation.Not sure if they gave you anything.

Feel a whole lot better real soon!!!


Wow, sounds good for a hospital stay. Even changing the bed!

Erma of Borger

Jeri, I was reading all kinds of crafting blogs tonight and when I saw your name and your blog name I knew it had to be you. This was the first had heard of your pain. I am so sorry and I hope the worst is over. If I can help u in anyway please let me know. I am not working now and can help u out if needed.
I love the picture of Kev and his lovely bride.

Tanya Brown

Hooray! I'm glad that business is over. How are you feeling?


You're home! You are awesome, you know that?

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