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I'm so sorry I'm horribly late coming to this news. I kind of lost track of what was going on in your life-so sorry you have had this to deal with and grateful that you are dealing with it so well. I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and say how much I admire your attitude. You're really fierce! God Bless

The Carolina Quilter

Bless your heart. I hate you are going through this. I just found out I have to have two basal cell spots removed surgically and one is beside my eye on the bridge of my nose which will require a 'flap' (doesn't sound too good) or a skin graft depending. Like your's treatable and mine is so routine now it's like a skinned knee I guess but still you hate that C word and don't want it on or in you! I hope you are strengthening from this ordeal soon.


I hope your test results come back with the desired result!! Many blessings to you :)

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