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Deb Hardman

I think 40s are nicer here because it's a dryer climate.

I hope your treatments go smoothly. I'd take crossword, sudoku, & cryptoqoute puzzles to do if I had to toss them out at discharge. You may end up too tired to do much more than watch tv. Good luck gal, I'll keep you in my prayers.

Tanya Brown

I wanted to stop by and say hello, since you were nice enough to stop by my blog. It looks like this would be a good time to wish you the best as far as your hospital stay, as well!

Anecdotally speaking, I have a relative who went through this type of treatment recently and has come through it quite well, so I will be sending happy, optimistic thoughts your way. And, hmmm. Diverting things to take with you that you wouldn't mind leaving ... too bad the old Weekly World News is now out of business! The mere sight of a Bat Boy/Space Alien photo would take care of your rebellious organ without the need of radiation, methinks.


Hi Scoob!! Thinking of you on Thanksgiving, and sending lots of hugs and smoochies!!

The Carolina Quilter

Jeri, saying a special prayer for you. And thank you for your kind comments on my quilting efforts on Jerry's quilt. I have lots of improvement to make but I really like the Handi Quilter and of course, it all takes practice. Hoping you are CURED soon!


Happy Thanksgiving Jeri, hugs to you too!


This is the first time I've visited your blog. I got here through someone else's blog, although I no longer remember who's. I just want to add my support to you for your upcoming treatment. Reading your blog shows what a great attitude you have towards life, frustrations, and happiness. Keep strong.

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