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I hope it went well. Will look forward to seeing more posts!


Hi Jeri,
I wanted to send you a snail mail card, but I have lost your address somewhere along the line. Probably one of the times I lost all of my electronic information. I have since gone back to paper address books.
Anyway, I hope that you feel better soon. I know that you will beat this!!

Helen Suzanne

Hi there, I hope all went well with the surgery today and that you're in as little pain as possible. Take care of yourself. Best wishes
Helen xxx

Debra Spincic

Stopping by to tell you that I am thinking of you today! You Go, Girl!

Deb Hardman

It' good to hear you so upbeat. You are, of course right, it is one of the best cancers to get if you can call having any cancer good. I'll light a candle for you & say some prayers.

The next time you come to Alaska I want you to call me!

Take care now!

paula, the quilter

Attitude plays a big part in a thing like this. You go girl!

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