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Lissa Anglin

Hey Jeri!
Thanks for posting the link to my blog! It really was a gorgeous wedding, and I had so much fun with you guys.


Hi Jeri! I've been thinking about you and was wondering how the wedding wen The photos were beautiful! I can remember when he was still in high school. It's hard to believe that he is a married man now.
I hope that everything goes okay with your health. It stinks getting old. it just seems like there is one thing after another happening. Drop me an email and let me know how you are doing. teri

Deb Hardman

Gosh Jeri, It sounds like you're under a lot of stress! My guess of how you describe your lump would be just a benign lypoma. I had one the size of a tennis ball removed from my upper arm a few years ago. I'll hope & pray for you that's all it is.

I'd love to do lunch with you while you're here. Maybe have your whole gang over for a meal. I'm hosting my quilt group the day before you get here, so the house should be a least vacuumed!

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