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Oh.......I just love your rose. One of my BIG favorites in the garden.

The Carolina Quilter

Wow! Don't know which is more beautiful--the roses or Tara! She's a knockout. I love your pot ghetto. Too Funny.

Granny Fran

Lovely girl, and lovely M-I-L.


BEAUTIFUL pictures! I loved seeing them. Ah, youth. :) Alexis

Deb Hardman

It is nice to have 4 wheel drive up here. We have it on both of our winter vehicles. They might be better buying a 2nd car down there though, as they are more expensive up here, but then it's offset by the shipping that they'll end up payinf to get it here.

Prov is the biggest hospital in town. I've never worked there, I got hired at Regional the minute I walked in the door & have been there ever since.

Call me when you come to town!

Debra Spincic

Welcome back to blogland! Is the wedding soon? Like this week?

How about a pic or two of the QoVs?

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