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The Carolina Quilter

So glad I'm not alone! I have been swamped trying to get samples made for upcoming shows, classes and Shop Hop here at the quilt shop, life in general, etc. and I am so woefully behind on my journal quilting and blogging. I also can't manage to lose 10 darned pounds (though I could drop 30 and still be amply sized). Good luck with the wedding preparations.


Hi Jeri!!!
I have been watching your blog and I am glad that everything is going well. I remember when Kevin was just starting college, now he is going to be a married man living in Alaska. It is going to be a big change after living in Texas! Good luck on the exercise, I definately understand knee pain!


HI Geri!!! I recieved your beautiful postcard from the meme...thank you sew it!!! Suz from NJ

Debra Spincic

Nice to see you surface again!


Hi Gerry, I joined Curves last fri. If the one near you is anything like mine you will love it. It's very low impact and I can't believe how quickly 30 min passes. I have knee problems too and so I am just taking it slowly on the jogging/walking in place between machines. I walk on my own treadmill before at home and cool down after there. The people are so nice and best of all...everyone there is older than me(58)you should see these babes move-I'm in awe

Granny Fran

Curves is fantastic. It is not high impact and it helps me lose when nothing else does, of course, I have to eat properly at the same time, but it seems to trigger the metabolism to burn up the calories faster when you do it 3 times a week for a few weeks and then continue.
I sympathize with things flairing up and messing up your walking, I've been having the same problem. The best thing about Curves is that they make you feel comfortable about being there.


Wow, what a list. LOL. Deep will all come together :-)

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