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Gee, I'm blushing =-) Thanks, Jeri, and thanks for quilting it!

Claudia W.

The dinosaur quilt is adorable.

I am in love with your ragged edge flower quilt blocks. They are so pretty, I love the colors. I hope Joe gets better soon!


That quilt is adorable! The meander sounds wonderful. you might also try outlining the dinosaurs to make the pop a bit.

Debra Spincic

Did you see the 2 flower quilts Suzanne quilted for Amy for the kids? Same idea. on Amy's blog.


Oh Jeri, that's so cute and the all over meander is perfect for a kids quilt. I love the idea of the ATCs I just haven't gotten around to making any yet. If I would clean up my space there would be room (hmmmmm). Hope your husband is feeling better soon. It's really hard to shake those bronchial things.


Love those flower quilt blocks!

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