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Deb Hardman

To funny. & Claudia's post above is too!

Claudia W.

This reminded me of when my girls were selling chocolate whatevers for a school fund raiser. The candies were delivered to us and we organized them to take to the buyers after I got home from work. My daughter's little cockapoo got into the box with all the purchases in it and ate every single one! He stared us straight in the eye when we got home. No ill effects for him, but we had to go around and refund all that money and apologize. (Although some of the people wouldn't hear of a refund...they liked the story)

Granny Fran

Thanks for sharing your apricot blossoms and peach buds. Those apricot flowers are so gorgeous. Spring will soon be here, I hope, I hope.
Glad dogs didn't get too ill.


I once turned my back to get something out of the fridge and my Maine Coon Cat(16lbs of trouble)made off with a half lb of imported prosciutto at $12 a lb. They seem to have radar for good eats!

Debra Spincic

I wasn't going to say anything. . . *wink*


I had to chuckle at your last comment *smile*. How do dog, and cats for that matter, know exactly what NOT to do?

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