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I love your piece the way it is...I wouldn't change a thing.


I found a great sock tuitorial if you're interested, I've used it over and over and over!

What about scanning the pencil and fusing it on?

I love-love-love the idea of the stamped coffee ring...

Can't wait to see it's next stage!


I think it is a darling piece. I don't have any answers to your questions, as I'm still trying to figure them out for myself. I think the main thing is when YOU think you should say it is done.


I'd probably be more likely to hand-quilt in (outline-draw) a pencil somewhere on it than actually attaching a real pencil.

I'd also probably (but with much grumbling and cursing as I don't like working with the stuff) embroider steam-curls from the cup in a metallic thread.

I sort of like it as it is, though.I tend to do things over-simply sometimes though.

One thing I do to test out "is it finished, is it "enough"" is to set something else on there I'm thinking of adding (or just tack it on temporarily) and see if I like it more or like it less with the addition. In lots of cases I like the addition less and I take it off.


I can't believe we're all into cups, but I guess they're a big part of life! I didn't understand from what Kim said that the three hour limit actually has to hold, but you could certainly add angelina wisps in no time. I personally don't care for things hanging from quilts in general, but that's just me.

In any case, you've certainly got lots of ideas! It was fun to read your thought process about the collage.


I think the socks are cool. I have seen some that pattern our like that. I don't think you have done anything wrong.


Well since its a wallie, why not add a bit of a real crossword puzzle, if its the newspaper type. And a pencil or pen on it would be cool.


I think that it is totally up to you when a piece is done. Or, when the piece tells you that it is done! Don't force more because then you won't like it any more.


Jeri -love the quiltlet especially the crossword fabric (I never seem to make it to the fabric store!)
"Over-analyzing" - ya think? For me, I spent a lot of time "thinking" about ideas while driving, shopping, working (wherever) - when the idea for the collage comes I usually sit down and "just do it." Today's Thursday - it's time to get one done. I have a couple of loose ideas, nothing firm but I know I'll finish it before I start dinner!


Hi Jeri
I think I would drill holes through a small spoon or pencil and sew it on the quilt.
And I love your sock yarn! I don't think it is supposed to be striped. I am knitting a pair of socks now that are striped, and the color areas are much longer.. maybe 36" than they are in your yarn. The heel flap hasn't been that hard, but it is the gusset that I am sure that I am messing up. Oh well, that's how we learn.

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