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Well, I have to live in a world of various cartoons, so it's good that I grew up liking them. I sleep with Honeybunny who thinks the thermostat must be set at 68, but I'm freezing most of the time. I'm not great at puncuation, but try to be anal about spelling.But...

I don't like to go and buy just one thing. I've never had a good use for a paper clip. And now I need my Cpap machine going just to sleep. Well, the noise and the air.
Thanks for the email! You are one kewl lady!


I just read your 6 weird things -- which I also answered a few days ago - and the apostrophe/plural thing gets me, too. What is it with that? I see that more and more these days! Also, I get psychotic when it's hot. And I live in the south. You can imagine. I have never, ever liked cartoons. And I hear you about Sunday afternoons. My least favorite part of the week. Interesting! Maybe we're not so weird after all.

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