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I have one yahoo group and my Blog. I agree with you. I found that I am so easily distracted not much gets done. Feel better.


I'm sorry you weren't feeling too hot. I get those too, just over my lazy eye.

I'm like Debra...I cancelled alot of my groups and just stuck to blogging.


I get really bad sinus headaches-sending you a "poor baby" hug. Thank goodness it doesn't happen often, at least to me.I hope you feel better soon. Love the bags and that book is fab. My husband said last night "What the hell happened to the day? We need six more hours in it"


Oh Jeri, I know about headaches. Could even be environmental - maybe someone sprayed something, who knows. I used to work in Toronto and there were smoggy days that it was all I could do to get home and collapse inside the front door. Those don't happen anymore, but I do get migraines. So I sympathize. Try a decongestant/Naproxin combo. I take a Sinutab and an Aleve, and it actually seems to help if I catch it in time.

Debra Spincic

I unsubscribed to a variety of lists and forums. I like blogging much better and with bloglines, I can stay relatively current with friend's posts. It's all about focusing on what is important. I decided that I had to get some of my own work done and didn't need to see any more new ideas or designs. I had enough of my own for the next century so I eliminated the stimuli. If I ever need it again, I know where to find it.

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