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Debra Spincic

I like the categories or labels very much and have used them on other people's blogs when I am trying to find something. I have all of my labels set up too on my blog.

I understand the tattoo idea and have toyed with it myself; although I don't think I will go through with it since I have remarried and Wes never knew Will. I do have a little altar set up that will always be set up for Will. Both my son and his girlfriend have tattoos memorializing Will and several of his friends have something about him in their tattoos. He was also tattooed, which is a very 20s thing right now; as I am sure you know. Anyway, you know we share a common bond. Hang in there and know others understand.


I do use the categories in my own blog sometimes. But I'm not sure it's worth the time it took to set it up.

I'm sorry you lost a child. It's a terrible thing. I hope you have found peace.


I liked reading your 5 things. I think I'll try to do them later.
I hope the tat gives you the peace that you seek.
Bookaholic here-so I can comiserate. I'm not sure how to do the catagories and I don'thave time to figure it out right now-maybe sometime when things calm down(hah)
Lastly-I would love to see a tidy work space-doesn't exsist in my world but I can dream.


I've thought about blogging about books, too. So many things to blog about, so little time. Do you suppose if I did, it would end up just being another way I was cleaning my figurative brushes? LOL. I enjoyed reading your 5 things!

Oh -- do you suppose you would enjoy coming to my studio and helping me clean it up and get it organized now that you are done with yours? Mine is a disaster. It's a wonder I can get anything done in it.

Lastly -- I do like the categories. I don't know if anybody else clicks on them, but I like having them on my blog, so I can look back at all of the things I said about a certain topic.


We have very similar taste in books. I'll have to keep an eye on your recommendations!

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