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I agree with Debra--cards are fun. What I sometimes do is not finish one if I don't like it. I just put the top away to save, maybe to finish later in a revised version, or not. That makes it a bit more relaxed. I like yours, by the way. And anyone you send it to will love it.


Very nice! I intend to do one of those "one of these days".


very nice! Never made one myself, but it's on my to do list.

Good job!

Pam Patton

Your PC's are great and I think Mixed Media is a great 12.12.12 theme - That is what I choose too and it will be interesting to see what differnt techniques we can come up with - to compare and contrast.


I'm glad to hear you will be doing the 12X challenge. I am looking forward to it!

I like the postcard!


That looks like a great first card! I think beading would be a beautiful addition. I'm thinking about the 12 X challenge, too.

The Carolina Quilter

What a gorgeous postcard! Wow! I'm excited about the 12 x 12 journal challenge, too.


The worst is using the rotary cutter and discovering a stray pin that nicks the blade. Well, maybe not the worst...but annoying.

My postcards always take a long time. I think I'm going to dash them off, but it never happens. Love the fairy-frost fabric.


I can't tell you how many fabric tape measures I've sliced in half because they were buried under whatever I was rotary cutting at the time. Love the postcard!

Debra Spincic

First hint on the postcards: Relax and have a good time! They do get faster as you make more of them. I never worry about them much--I think of them as instant art! You will have a blast with the 12x12x12 Portfolio Challenge. Mixed media is vague but you will probably fall into a style soon with your ideas.

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