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Thanks for posting this, and for posting what you wish you had done 10 years ago. I am ten years younger than you, and I am taking your advice to heart. Please know that you have helped someone else by making this post.

Debra Spincic

Last year about 6-8 of us quilt blog gals opened a new blogring called Quilters Lounge where we had a Sunday weigh-in and comment about food and/or exercise for that week. It kept us accountable to each other.

Unfortunately, we let it slide and some of us regained the weight we lost or didn't follow through and lose the amount we had pledged to lose.

I've 'talked' to a few of the original members and they want to do the Sunday weigh in again in the new year. I doubt we will reopen Quilters Lounge (although we can) but we may do it through our blogs on Quilt Studio.

You are welcome to join us. I have a 15 poung goal set for next year and walking every day.


My husband had hight cholesterol and the doc told him to drink a glass of red wine a day. He was happier with that than pills (like who wouldn't be!) and his count went way down. He is very active, walking and doing a workout every other day, so that probably is a factor too, but you might want to ask your Dr about the red wine thing.


Please try diet and exercise first before you go on the cholesterol-lowering drugs. I think sometimes the doctors are too quick to give out the drugs instead of trying other safer treatments first. my Tris were over 400. One month on Vytorin brought them down to around 200. And left me with definate muscle weakness in my left leg. I dropped the drugs and when I follow a fairly low-carb diet I'm able to keep the tris between 200 and 210. Which is just as good as the drugs did without further damage to my muscles.


Hi, I found your other blog, yeah!! I have your blogspot in my favorites, I need to change that! Love the Table Runners, those were cute!!

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