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congrats on the happy occasion! everyone looked like they had a great time...


I would be so proud my son graduated that I would be obnoxious with pictures in everyone's face! What a joyous occassion! And what a beautiful couple they make!


What a handsome young man!! Congratulations to him.

I just noticed your Weather Pixie. It says it is 28 degrees there. It is 64 degrees here. It is hard to believe we are both in Texas!

The Carolina Quilter

Congratulations on his graduation and impending wedding! They are a cute couple. Our two older ones are hurtling toward college and I am wondering how we'll swing it. We're praying for scholarship help.


I'm glad you had good weather. Such an event as this doesn't happen often in one's lifetime, and it's good you could thoroughly enjoy it without freezing to death! They do look cute together.

Debra Spincic

Congratulations to your son! I know you are proud!

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