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great blog!


What's Arte Meme?
I don't really decorate any more either. I have a wreath for the door. I just put up a small tree last year with old glass ornaments. I was talking to Bill's friend about how I would like to sell my Hallmark ornaments on EBAY. I have collected them since the 1970's. I have probably 8-10 cases of them! It is so much work to put up a tree. And no one is ever around to help me put it up or take it down. Bah Humbug!

Debra Spincic

I thought I had an idea for my Arty meme but now I am thinking it may be a tad lame. I will check out some resources today and see. . .there are all kinds of little doodad ideas out there and I have a hankering to play with some of them too. I'm not sure they are very arty--may be more crafty!

My nativity set may have to be for next year. . .

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