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The Carolina Quilter

Poor Bella and my prayers to the family who lost the son--and to you. I can't imagine and don't want to ever know how it is to lose a child. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. My mother died 3 months before their 50th anniversary which is December 19th and he likes to put greenery and red bows on the graves early in December. He used to decorate 11 but now is down to nine. I don't like him going by himself so I try to go with him depressing as it can be.

Debra Spincic

Nice to read your tips on the nativity pieces since mine are still in the packages. next year, I fear! I don't have the mental energy to approach Christmas decorating/sewing this year. I did a bunch last year.

Your dog story reminds me of the Thanksgiving my Brent chopped off the end of his finger with a dirtbike chain. That was one to remember!


the laser cuts are beautiful. i wonder if there would be any way to do this with one's own design and a razor? once you figure out how to stabilize the fabric i guess you're home free. i also bought the painsticks but was a bit disappointed. perhaps i need the book. anyway, beautiful stuff you're making!

Deb Hardman

Wow! That's a full post, kinda like my tummy after Thanksgiving dinner!

Interesting day you had! Glad it turned out well.

I've never thought of my threads that way before. My cat's barf isn't nearly that artistic!


I'm actually working on the one on the bottom. I got it out of "Quilt It" for Christmas. Yours looks like you cut out the palm trees on the inside. Did you? Was it difficult if you did?

anyway, very cool, and beautiful!

Beth (Quilt studio ring)

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