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Looks like you had a great time at Houston and came away with a good stash

Fruit Jar Nicky

Oh my gosh! Your pictures make me totally regret not getting to go to Houston this year. And I thought I had gotten over it! Whaaaaaaa! I shall have to pout the rest of the day now.

and all that Bottom Line die for!


Personally I think the stencil nativity scene would look better on a single color hand dye...the multi color is a distraction to me.


I have read about 15 of Dean Koontz's books. I love his stuff, yes, a little creepy at times, but I get riveted and forget what is going on around me when I am reading his stuff.
Your quilting pictures look like a lot of fun!


I keep seeing that magazine and trying NOT to buy it. I think you are now responsible for pushing me over the edge, lol.

Debra Spincic

I bought 3 of those nativity laser cuts too for a panel in my dining room. Please tell me that the background is not going to be a big deal. . .*wah*

I have a cabinet of rubberstamps with the same idea--artsy quilts and I have done some but not nearly enough. Maybe we can inspire each other!

Looks like you did pretty well at the vendor booths!

Roddy Reta

Forever Odd's okay, but it's a sequel to another book, Odd Thomas, which is much better in my opinion.

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