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that "tan, beige, and cream" is cool. I just love those color combinations in a quilt! Good choises!


Those quilts are absolutely amazing, I am in awe, beautiful!


thanks for sharing the pics of the quilts. and thanks especially for Eleanor's quote. It's coming in handy right now. Sigh.
Am so glad your knee is feeling better. maybe you don't need to take the celebrex every day?


I'm so glad no one was hurt at your job! I worked in a factory for three months, it was a pit. I got sprayed in the eye with hot citrus and a few months after I left part of the roof fell down on some employees. Factories and Plants can be dangerous places!

The center really pops on your quilt top, I like it! When you quilt, will you hand quilt or machine quilt? Do you use a walking foot if you machine quilt?

That's a lovely Eleanor Roosevelt quote!

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