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You could also post a note to the Artquilt list, or any quilting forum for that matter, that you have quilting books for sale.


What about ebay for the things that are above garage sale items? Also, search the quilting magazines-I've noticed that knit magazines from years past are selling.


did my cd make it to you a-okay?


My mom & I went through the same thing when going through my grandma's cedar chest (cleaning it out so I could have it for storing my yarn in). Grandma had saved every ribbon from every corsage she had ever had...all the way back to the 1910s. They were in a little box. Mom was like "what am I supposed to do with this?" because, it was obviously very important to her since she kept them for 92 years, but what could we do with them? I don't know if Mom found a home for any of that stuff or not, she may have just put it all back into another box for the next generation (aka me) to go through later. Then it'll be my turn to say "what do I do with this?" :)

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