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I feel so awful for you and your family. I cannot immage how you must have feel. Taking your father out for his 80th birthday and ending up in the hospital and dying. A similiar thing happen to me. In June of 2000 m y my and dad went on a trip to province france and my father had an heart attach and then a stroke. It took forever to get him back to america via medivac plane. he never fully recovered as the stroke affected his motor cordination and speech. A very stressful year followed. He got a pressure sore that cause his final death that went deep into his bone. I cannot believe the nursing home could be so nelegent. My dad died May 29, 2001. I still miss him greatly and get sad especially on father's day and his birthday. my heart and love goes out to you all abd treasure the moments you have with your parents.


Find yourself a really simple sock pattern, have a little read first, everybody has a favourite. In fact try this link and see what happens
Choose whatever wool takes your fancy and let it happen. Once you complete that first pair and you can do it in a week quite happily, you'll never boither buying a pair again.
Glad to hear your mum is on the mend.

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