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So sorry to read of your mother's accident. I pray she has imporved and is on her way to recovery.


Sounds like you're having one hell of a time. I'll definitely send some good thoughts your way.


Take it one day at a time. Your mom will be in my prayers, but so will the rest of your family. It seems you've been having quite a rough time.


I will keep your family and your mom in my prayers. You'll be amazed how God will give you the strength you need just when you need it.


You really are having one heck of a year aren't you? I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way and hope she mends soon. Take care,....please!


oh, Jeri, I send you and your family and especially your mom many prayers and much love and light for a good, solid recovery. If your mom has been able to regain so much already it bodes very well for further recovery. I went through this two years ago with my step father and the first thing I learned is not to believe the naysaying health care providers who said if they don't get it back right away, they won't. NOT TRUE and there's much recent research to support that. so anyway, may you, your sister and your husband get some respite and maybe something to bring your smiles back.

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