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I thought it would be cool to start an online journal to capture all the things bouncing around in my head. My main idea was to capture the quilt projects I'm working on, but there's so much more going on in my life besides quilting. I have two dogs (whom I adore) and a cat (who just lets us exist). I am a very novice beginning knitter. My other passion is scuba diving. My husband and I travel to tropical places to dive at least twice a year. DH is a scuba instructor and is planning to move us somewhere tropical as expatriates when we have had enough of the rat race. In the meantime, we are putting our son through college and living each day as it comes.

I've lived a very boring life (so far)! My hubby (Joe) and I got married 31 years ago (1977) and live in the first house we ever bought, in the same town we both grew up in. Our children were born in the same hospital in which my husband made his entry to the world. The kids went to the same high school that we attended. Joe has worked for the same company for 30+ years, and I've been at my job for 19 years. Even though our lives are very.... um, shall we say routine.... we have had a lot of fun. We've been fortunate to have good jobs, and live modestly so we can spend money on the fun stuff like traveling and scuba diving.


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